On May 12, 2014 the North Adams Planning Board adopted North Adams Vision 2030, the City’s first comprehensive plan in over forty years. The final plan is included below (in three parts for easier downloading).

Executive Summary

Vision 2030 Final Plan 1 of 3

Vision 2030 Final Plan 2 of 3

Vision 2030 Final Plan 3 of 3


pdf_icon1 Location and Context

pdf_icon2 Parks and Recreation Facilities

pdf_icon3 Open Space and Outdoor Recreation

pdf_icon 4 Trails and Bikepaths


pdf_icon6 Conservation Framework

pdf_icon7 Historic

pdf_icon8 Urban Agriculture

pdf_icon9 Land Use

pdf_icon10 Solar Energy Potential

pdf_icon11 Wind and Hydroelectric Potential

pdf_icon12 Water Resources

pdf_icon13 Infrastructure

pdf_icon14 Transportation

pdf_icon15 Community Facilities

pdf_icon16 Existing Land Use State

pdf_icon17 Existing Land Use Assr

pdf_icon18 Zoning

pdf_icon19 Future Land Use Plan


Meeting Summaries for Review


 pdf_iconPublic Hearing and Open House Summary

pdf_iconLand Use_Infrastructure and Services Open House Summary

pdf_iconSummary of Citywide HN Meeting

pdf_iconSummary of October HN Meetings

pdf_iconOpen Space and Recreation Meeting Summary

pdf_iconEconomy Workshop Meeting Notes

pdf_iconCultural and Historic Forum Summary

pdf_iconVision Workshop Summary

Housing and Neighborhood Meeting Materials (October & November, 2013)

pdf_icon Housing & Neighborhoods – Posters for Review and Comment

Open Space Meeting Materials (March, 2013)

pdf_iconOpen Space and Recreation Goals with Comments

pdf_iconNew Facility Ideas

pdf_iconExisting Facility Posters

pdf_iconImproving Trail Access with Comments

pdf_iconMohawk Trail Bike Route with Comments

Economic Development Meeting Materials (December, 2012) 

pdf_iconEconomy Workshop Goal Posters with Comments and Priorities

pdf_iconEconomy Workshop Presentation

pdf_iconDowntown Priority Sites with Workshop Comments

pdf_iconRoute 2 Workshop Map with Workshop Comments

pdf_iconRoute 8 Workshop Map with Workshop Comments

pdf_iconBusiness Input Summary

North Adams Vision 2030: Background Materials 

 pdf_iconVision 2030: North Adams Comprehensive Plan Vision

pdf_iconPlanning Priorities – Updated

pdf_iconExisting Conditions

pdf_iconFinal Report DLTA 1 (11-22-10)

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